Rodent Removal
Montana is home to a variety of rodents. Rodents carry fleas and parasites, spread disease and can cause structural and landscape damage.  If you have livestock, their burrow holes present a risk to the welfare of your stock.  If you have rodent removal needs, contact us for professional removal from your Bozeman, Big Sky or SW Montana property.

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  • Rockchucks
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  • Marmot
Rodents are one of the most common wildlife pest in Montana and can become a severe problem quickly.  Colonies grow rapidly and the burrows and tunnels expand through-out your property making eradication more costly.  Rodents carry fleas and other parasites and can spread disease through their feces.  Rodents can also invade you home and out-buildings causing structural damage as well as odor problems form feces and urine.  As with all wildlife pests, disease is a major heath concern.