Bat,  Bird, and Pigeon Removal
Montana is home to bats and pigeons.  Both can take advantage of a small opening in any building to make your home their home resulting in damage to your property and exposure to diseases and parasites for you family.  If you have bats, birds or pigeons, contact us for professional removal from your Bozeman, Big Sky or SW Montana home or building

Bats: If you have a bat infestation, you can quickly find yourself with a major infestation.  Smells, damage and disease from guano and urine are very real concerns.  Bats are a major carrier of rabies and can also introduce parasites and lice to your home or building.

Birds and Pigeons:  What may seem like a minor problem can quickly escalate into a major problem as populations explode.  Droppings and carcasses of dead birds will damage your property and expose your family to diseases.  
Lice and parasites are also a potential problem.