Beaver, Fox & Coyote Removal
Montana is home to beaver, fox and coyote.  Although, they may appear to be cute and harmless, these species present very real risks to your family, pets and property.  If you have beaver, fox or coyote, contact us for professional removal from your Bozeman, Big Sky or SW Montana property.

Beaver: If you have  beavers on your property, you can quickly find yourself with major property and landscaping damage.  A beaver can do major damage to stand of trees in a very short amount of time and damming can cause flooding.

Fox and Coyote: Though it might seem cute to have these species around, they can quickly become a threat to you, your family and pets. As these species make your property their home, they will become more territorial and aggressive making your home more dangerous for your family and pets.  As with most wildlife pests, rabies and other diseases are also a concern.