Feral Cat, Raccoon and Skunk Removal - Montana is home to feral cats, raccoons and skunks. These species present very real risks to your family, pets and property. If you have feral cat, raccoon or skunk removal needs, contact us for professional removal from your Bozeman, Big Sky or SW Montana property.

Feral Cats: As feral cats make your property their home, they will become more territorial and aggressive, making your home more dangerous for your family and pets. As with most wildlife pests, rabies and other diseases are also a concern.  

Raccoons: Raccoons may seem cute, but they are very territorial and very aggressive.  The pose a real threat to your  family and pets.  Raccoons are a major carrier of rabies and other diseases.  Raccoons will take advantage of any opening in your home or building to enter and build nests.  The resulting damage can be severe, including structural damage as well as as damage and disease from urine and feces.

Skunks: Other than the obvious threat of spraying family and pets, skunks cause property damage from digging and are a major carrier of rabies.