Animal Control Solutions specializes in wildlife removal & exclusion in Bozeman and Big Sky Montana and surrounding areas.  If you need a Montana wildlife removal specialist, contact us for professional animal or pest control.
Wildlife Pests are just that pests. They may look cute and sweet, but they carry rabies, bubonic plague, hantavirus, distemper, fleas, lice, and parasites. The damage from digging, chewing,  and nest building presents fire risks, freeze risks and structural risks. Animal urine and feces inside your buildings and insulation is not only unpleasant, its also a health risk.  
  • Wildlife removal service for all animal pests.
  • Exclusion service of deer/elk proofing gardens and landscapes. 
  • Humane non-lethal options of removal utilized when possible and allowed by law. Non-lethal options upon request.
  • Dead animal removal  as well as odor control from dead animals.         
  • Emergency Service- immediate attention to wildlife in occupied areas of home or business.

Removal is the only sure way to eliminate unwanted pest.  Home remedies DO NOT WORK!   Contact ACS Today!

**NO domestic dog calls- please call the county/city animal control officer.